Our network of suppliers are located throughout China and the United States, but the majority are based in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, and Zhejiang province. Our factory network is currently producing massive quantities of medical goods and shipping them throughout the world every day.  

Please see a breakdown of how your order would be processed, manufactured, inspected and shipped out below.

1. After a thorough vetting process, verifying all certificates and inspecting the facilities, our network of factories can produce up to 2.5 million KN95 and 3.5 million 3PLY per day.

2. ​​After a 50% deposit payment is sent, a verified factory (or multiple) will start producing the order. The current lead time is three to five days for 3PLY and five to ten days for KN95.

3.When the production is finalized, Votanik’s certified QC agency will visit the premises to perform quality control and report back to our sourcing director with the results.

4.Upon a passed QC inspection the goods are loaded onto planes by our freight forwarders in airports around China. Then they arrive in the US/EU and are cleared through customs.

5.Upon arrival and customs clearance, the goods will be delivered door-to-door to a warehouse or office of your desire.


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